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India is big country having a variety of  place  have a wide variety of climate with different type of land some of them plain some are mountain  some place land are not available which create a big problem for Indian telecom company for setting up their machinery and provide better and strong connection.

Today we are going to see which company solving this problem efficiently and provide best network to their  user.
so lets see the fastest Sim in India and check out the the best Sim in India  and find out the best Sim in India 2019 and in the end we see the India no 1 network Sim card

Top 5 Sim card in India


india top sim card

Reliance Jio is claimed to be the world’s biggest startup with over Rs. 1.5 Lakh Crore invested during this mega project. the company has acquired rights for 4G services altogether circles of the country. With its cheap tariff plans and sort of occasional freebies, the project needless to mention created ripples across the telecom sector of this country. All other companies were forced to lower their tariff plans because of the outflow of subscribers.

Jio are often said to possess created what's called Telecom Revolution by offering free voice calls, no roaming charges, unlimited night data and a free subscription to the bunch of useful apps like JioTV, JioSaavn, JioCinema etc in conjunction with other exciting offers.

Under Jio Prime membership it offers extra benefits which are surely exciting the purchasers to avail the new services by Jio. The prime offer could also be an honest strategy to retain the customer base and excite new potential customers to buy for his or her service.

Jio needless to mention has given head-to-head competition to the already established telecom networks. Sooner or later Jio is looking forward to making big with offering MSO cable services.

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  • No charge over voice-call
  • Good 4G Network
  • Free Services of their app
  • Low price plan


  • Only 4G available
  • Several call drop
  • Connectivety is low


top sim network in india

Airtel is one of the foremost important cellular networks in India. It’s services like My plan and Airtel Money is kind of popular. Airtel provides variety of the superb internet speeds and with its solid coverage, you'll rarely have any connectivity issues when travelling. But it is a touch pricey as compared others but their services are worth paying that tiny bit extra.

You can say that Airtel is second next to BSNL in terms of remote regional availability. Airtel network also offers some exclusive online service

Now because of increased market competition, they're offering data and voice calls at an inexpensive price. they're offering some great internet offers to remain their customers happy.

After complete acquiring Telenor. Airtel has opened its wings to supply a stiff fight. Airtel will get Telenor services which are available in 7 circles, serving quite 55 million customers at very low internet price and call rates. this may boost the Airtels customer base and also the coverage network.
Airtel is second only to BSNL in nationwide coverage providing best connectivity & reliability with good average speed. With the 4G roll out, the Airtel network goes to be even better given its 4G speed.

It has established itself because the biggest competitor to the Jio and was ready to retain and regain the subs which were once on a flow outward.


  • Good coverage area
  • Fast Connectivity
  • 4G service
  • Good offer
  • Good Customer support


  • A little bit expensive
  • Net speed is not fast enough


india's best sim network

Idea! and Vodafone Both get to make better network and solve each other cons and provide a best network to their user and make out a good profit.The both combine to provide a good and stable network to their user.

Idea Have a good network in the rural and urban areas.It provide good network and and have fast network but it offer have high price.You may face few problem of call drops and low connectivity while travelling but still Idea is a very good choice when it comes to internet  speed and customer support.

It will be a good choice after the merge of Vodafone and Idea you can give it a try.

Vodafone wont to be one among the weakest nationwide mobile carriers but with time, this carrier has shown its potential. The services provided by Vodafone are good then is its 3G & 4G speed which is extremely high as compared to others. But it connectivity in the rural areas is not good and it is only good in rural areas.
With normal network coverage and the high price, it is like by the people only due to its fast internet speed.


  • Very Good internet Speed
  • Good coverage area
  • normal price
  • 4G services
  • Good customer support


  • not for remote areas
  • Slow tower switching
  • Call drops


india's best sim network

BSNL or Cellone is  the most important and most spreaded  telephone carrier in India with coast-to-coast nationwide coverage with consistency. With BSNL SIM card in your pocket, you'll visit any corner of the country. The best a part of BSNL is it offers in  2G and 3G have  equal pricing but its Internet speed is  very Slow with very poor internet connectivity. It has not acquired 4G rights for  India.

With solid coverage and great value for money, BSNL is that the best Bang for your Buck but its poor internet speed and connectivity might be a critical factor.
BSNL is offering an excellent value for the worth on the web which is simply enough to make headaches for other  companies. They are always arises  with some exciting offers to stay the users engage with the network.


  • Network all over the country
  • Low price 
  • Both 2G and 3G price are same
  • High range of offers


  • slow Internet Speed
  • Several connectivity issue
  • Customer support not good


If you are searching for a network first check the the connectivity of your area which Sim network is provided the best network in your area.
Because if switch to network the network availability at your areas is low the it have not profit.
So, first check the network availability at your area then switch to a network.
According to me if you are searching a network with fast net speed and good connectivity then you should switch to vodafone .
If you are searching a network with average network and an average Internet speed then you should choose Jio.
and if you want a cheap price offer the Bsnl is the best choice check if  the good Bsnl network available in your area then Bsnl is the best choice.
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