Free internet in India:BSNL,Jio,Vodafone-Idea

As you know the world is facing from a pandemic recognize as COVID-19 this is a serious from for all the people around the globe.

The people are facing so much issue in performing there work and the goverment has also announce to every to be at home,do social distancing and do WORK FROM HOME.

To support the WORK FROM HOME 

So let's see How you get the free Internet?

  1. How you get Free Internet?


As you BSNL is goverment company it do all the best thing to provide the customer best.But from few year's earlier it get into huge loss.But after the goverment recover plan is has recovered so much.

An  this pandemic situation BSNL is supporting the WORK FROM HOME at a very high level.

The offer is giving by the BSNL it is not a offer is a gift to support the WORK FROM HOME  feature of government.

This gift is coming in broadband which mean there is no worry about that BSNL is 3G didn't not provide fast speed.

This plan name as Work@Home plan.The broadband plan is offering up to 10 Mbps of speed and provide 5GB data per day.

And if finish the limit of 5GB the speed get reduced to 1Mbps which is also a decent speed for surfing or doing any kind of work. This plan is also valid for across all circles, including the Andaman and Nicobar circle.Which is a great thing because most plan are not valid in all the circles.

BSNL also launches new plan of  Rs 247  in Chennai and Tamil Nadu. This Rs 247 plan will provide users with 3 GB data high speed daily  with unlimited calling. The validity of this plan is 30 days with 250 minutes of voice calls per day.

  • Jio Work from Home plans

Reliance Jio is private company but in this crucial situation this also supporting the  government.Reliance jio work from home plan comes at Rs 251 with 2GB of 4G data per data for 51 days.

This plan is beneficial for those who wants only Internet the user can find the plan in wrok from home tab in the myjio app.This plan do not include any calling or SMS so be aware of it before recharging it.

So let's talk about the free Internet of Jio.As you know the Jio has introduced his Jiofiber broadband

This offer  for that user the existing user of Jio will get 10Mbps speed in their basic plan without any extra charge to fight from this pandemic and promote WROK FROM HOME. Reliance Industries said in a statement. The company will also provide home gateway routers with a minimum refundable deposit.

This is good but the as I have tell you earlier the BSNL is providing free Internet and it is available to all circles while jiofiber is  under progress and avilable only few major circles.

  • Vodafone-Idea

Vodafone-Idea is facing so much problem they are in complete loss but in tthis condition they are try to support the WORK FROM HOME.

Vodafone-Idea has revise all his old prepaid plan like Rs 249, Rs 399, and Rs 599.This plan earlier provide 1.5GB of fast 4G data and unlimited calling and SMS.
But now the company is proving double data in all his plan means additional 1.5GB data per data to suppeort WORK FROM HOME.

This means that the plans will provide 3GB data per day. The Rs 249, Rs 399, and Rs 599 plans with 3GB data per day are valid for 28 days, 56 days and 84 days respectively.

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